Benefit Ride for Cody Pickett

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A lot of the mud community knows Cody. For those who don't, Cody was involved in a near fatal accident on December 4th and  has sustained serious injuries. As Cody is the family's sole income earner the road to recovery, bills, expenses will be far greater than can be managed without funding. A distracted driver changed the lives of the Pickett family and  they help from their community.

From Cody's Mother In law's Go Fund Me ...

There is a long and difficult road ahead and we are not sure at this time what that will involve. We do know his recovery will take a very long time. Y'all know we are a very proud family and it absolutely kills me to ask but here I am, asking. They are going to need help. Cody is going to be out of work for a long time. His medical expenses and their monthly bills are going to pile up fast so I am asking anyone and everyone that I know, if you can help my family in any way, please do so. I never in a million years thought I would have to make one of these, especially for one of my children. But they need it. Thank you in advance to everyone reading this. Please keep Cody and Jonni Lee and Lane in your prayers. All donations will be handled by me and go straight to Cody and Jonni for medical expenses and other monthly expenses while he recovers and undergoes physical therapy.

We will be hosting a benefit ride for Cody on Jan 15-16
The ride will take place on Saturday, but those who wish to stay overnight will  be able to do so. 

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Please click the Pickett's linktree for the various  platforms available for donations.

Tickets Go On Sale January 2, 2022