Mud Hippie Vendors

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Vendors will be assigned booths according to their vehicle needs. Vendor type will also be taken into consideration when assigning spots.


  • Exhibitors must check-in in person, with a PHOTO I.D., and personally attend the show in its entirety.  
  • All exhibitors must sign a liability waiver form.  
  • Exhibitors MUST check-in during official check-in times. Exhibitors not checked-in by deadline will forfeit their exhibition space and all fees.  
  • Exhibitors cannot sub-lease assigned booths or employ sales agents or representatives in lieu of checking-in and attending the Festival personally (photo I.D. required at check-in). 


  •  Only the exhibitor and booth partner/s will be eligible to check into the Festival. 
  •  Any items of work not listed in the application and/or not created by the exhibitor must be removed from the show. 
  •  Managementwillprohibittheinstallationandoperationofanyexhibitsnotmeetingtheirapproval. 
  •  Exhibitors must bring enough stock for the entire show. 
  •  All articles and displays must be in good taste with no reference to race, ethnic, gender, sexual, or religious prejudice. 
  •  No obscene items will be allowed. 
  • All materials must be in compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations of the United States and the State of Georgia. 


  • All exhibitors will be located in proximity to wooded trails and riding offroad vehicles. All spaces are on natural ground. Many spots have uneven terrain within the assigned space. 
  • Booth space is limited to the size in which you paid. Single spaces are 10’ wide x 10’ deep. Double spaces are 20’ wide x 20’ deep. 
  • Collecting names for mailing list purposes is permitted. 
  • Exhibitors must furnish their own display tables, skirting, chairs, extension cords, etc. 
  • All displays must be designed,constructed,and operated in good taste. 
  • All displays, transactions, and activities must be confined to exhibitor’s assigned space. 
  • Signs, tents, canopies, or any other part or display may not extend over or into walkways. 
  • You may bring an identification sign/banner for your booth


  • Gas powered generators are allowed. Electricity may not be available in certain vendor areas. 
  • Management provides no after-hours security for Festival area with the understanding that MCORP is not, and will not be, responsible in any way for loss or damage to participant’s property. Exhibitors are responsible for their own personal and property liability. 
  • This may be a difficult show to operate by yourself, we recommend you bring at least one friend, relative, or associate with you to act as a runner to and from your car/trailer for restocking. 
  •  Vendors Vehicles are allowed in the Festival area parked in appropriate spot behind vendor's tent. 
    No glass containers. Ice may be available for purchase. 
  •  Pets are NOT allowed.NOEXCEPTIONS. Please plan accordingly. 
  •  Park employees cannot accept personal tokens or gifts before, during, or after the show. 
  •  GEORGIA STATE/COUNTY SALES TAX at 7% must be charged on all sales. Exhibitors are solely responsible for collecting, reporting, and paying all sales taxes collected to the Georgia Department of Revenue, Compliance Division.

Vendor Pricing 3 Day Mud Hippie Festival

Arts and Crafts
Tent size 10x10  $100.00
Tent size larger $250.00

Merchandise or Specialty Vendor Offroad Items
Tent size 10x10  $100.00 
Tent size larger or trailer set up $250.00

Food Vendors
Large Operation $250.00 ( Restaurant Type)
Medium Operation $150.00 (Specialty foods, funnel cakes, fried desserts, etc.)
Small Operation $100.00  (Single item carts)


Mud Hippie Vendor Applications 

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You will be sent a link upon approval for the vendor payment portal