Info for Mud Park Newbies

What the heck is a mud park? 
For those of you who have never been to a mud park… welcome to the world of off roading! Basically a mud park is a large riding space specifically tailored to those who ride off road vehicles. MCORP is a park for ATV’s & Side X Side’s only. We don’t have the giant trucks or bikes that some other parks may have. Our park has various levels of trails, dunes, pits, wet mud, dry mud, river and beach areas. Our riders enjoy riding hard and getting dirty. We have beautiful open areas too, but if you are riding, you are slinging mud and loving it! Everyone is always in a state of muddiness; the muddier you are, the better time you are having.


1. It’s Loud. We do not allow riding between midnight and 7 am, but outside of those times it is engines and exhausts, banging sound systems, whooping and hollering. We prefer to call it letting your ya ya’s out, and we don’t put a cap on fun. We do not allow pipes that are extra loud, but it does get loud with all the riders and machinery. It’s all part of the offroad environment. (People do develop rider sign language after a while. It's just easier than riding with a bullhorn) 

2. People Drink. 
It is an environment that people like to have a good time, and sometimes that includes a lil alcohol. In some cases, A Lot. If you are of legal age and not operating your vehicle while intoxicated or are drunk and disorderly, we don’t have a whole lot to say about it.Ok maybe one thing... Be responsible! If your ya ya gets out of hand, or you are endangering anyone… security will intervene immediately. If it is brought to our attention you cannot or should not be driving an offroad vehicle or an automobile, plan on sitting things out for a while. Consider it drinky drank time out. 

3. People Are Loud. 
You will hear people yelling. Why? Because it’s loud. Also because they are having fun. Sometimes you might hear "language"; then again, you may not. The music is loud, some of the sound systems on these rigs can be heard up at the space station. Even the lights are loud. They scream look at meeee!!! It's all big, noisy and pretty dang impressive. 

4. It Is Outdoors 
Yes… that means dirt, bugs, and all things that may irritate you. Bring some bug spray and some wet wipes. Protect your feet! Most people wear anything from boots, river shoes to flip flops. It’s south Ga. Ants, gnats and mosquitoes are abundant. (again, bug spray!) You will be walking in pasture, mud, clay and water. The temperature should be moderate for S. Ga in May (yeah... but it's a dry heat, not),  also not gonna try to sugar coat it here. Bugs. 

5. Shhh 
We understand that this may be a new experience for some and not everyone wants to be in the middle of everything. For this event we will have a section of the camping area that will be designated for families, or those who would prefer a more quiet camping experience. That area will be limited and availability is not guaranteed. Contained fires are allowed, Smore it up! No trash burning please. 

6. Shower? Absolutely! 
We have climate controlled bath houses for men and women. If you need a shower, we have hot water. If you prefer not to use the port a potties, we also have restrooms in the bath houses. We have attendants that will be cleaning the bath houses throughout the event. Please be respectful of the space and the BH attendants. It’s not the ritz, but it is something that we are proud to have and though we enjoy everyone being muddy, we know every one is also happy to have a place to get cleaned up too. It’s free. Enjoy! 

7. Large Machinery 
This is an environment that has loud, fast, heavy machines. Please be aware of your surroundings and just slow down when approaching a moving vehicle. The rider always has the right of way. The pedestrian also has the right of way. Mud, grass, dirt can be slung at high velocity. Be mindful that you may get a dirt clod flung at you. It is not intentional, so just keep a good head up when around the machines.  

8. Waiver Hammer 
The waiver. The one thing we will bug you about constantly. If you don't have the digital waiver filled out, you cannot come in. Our insurance will not allow you to enter. Is it dangerous here? It can be. There are large machines on wheels. You have to be aware of your surroundings and the inherent risks associated with an offroad environment. We ask you to fill it out only once. If you have a minor child, they also must have a waiver sign by a parent or legal guardian. If your child under 16 is riding, the park requires a helmet. 

9. People Are People 
The best thing about a mud environment is that it is a community. People are here to ride and have a great time. Have a question? Ask someone. They will answer. Need a hand? You will find many without asking. This community is ready, willing and able. For what? For everything. Families, young people, older people, all demographics, they ride. And they ride together. Mud and music is a bridge. Great friendships are formed between both. We love our dirty, party, live fun and ride hard, dirt riders. They are a great collective group of people and we all enjoy this mud life. We also enjoy great music. What that is to some, may not be for you. That’s ok. They will be riding by quick and the next person blasting may be playing what you want to hear. It is an all ages environment, and we can tell you that you may see or hear things that may be someone's idea of a great time, and that might not be your kind of great time. We are all here to enjoy and if that means moving 2 spaces left, that's ok you may find your crowd right there. We have large crowds, again that is because we have people here from all walks of life. We ask that everyone be respectful of each other, but people will get rowdy. It is the same with any other large crowd. If there is a cause for concern or a problem, let us know. We hope that doesn't happen, because when the stars come out and the lights go up, there is no better place on earth for a concert. Just you, the warm night with all your new very loud and muddy friends. Pretty awesome.

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