The Annual MCORP Mudsgiving Thanksgiving is about sharing time with friends and family doing what you love. Riding! Thank you for sharing your family time with all of us at MCORP.

Event Details:
MCORP'S Annual Mudsgiving Thanksgiving 2023

$70 Thurs - Sunday 
$60  Friday - Sunday 
$50 Saturday - Sunday
$25 Day Pass (Expires at 10PM) 
$140 Full hook up, (full weekend only)

Thursday - Gates open at 2pm 
Sunday -   Gates close at 4pm 

*Children under 11 are free 
*If bringing in a large trailer or Camper, please use directions on the website and not GPS

*WAIVER INFO Please read! 
Due to new insurance requirements, if you have not signed the new waiver issued after March 2020, please sign a new waiver.


New Policy 
For the safety of our guests and to prevent damage to the property, we are instituting some changes to our restrictions policy. 
Immediate ejection from the park will occur due to the following... 
Possession of Glass Containers 
Spinning donuts, Racing or intentionally spinning and destroying the grass/hayfields 
Possession of Weapons 

No riding up and down the river, it is a crime and you can be prosecuted. 
DNS will be called, and you will be ejected from the park.